All About Paper

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Weight Thickness Best for
70kg Approximately .07mm Pretty much the same as normal copy paper. Great to use for thin flyers (chirashi)
90kg Approximately .08mm A little thicker than your average copy paper and perfect for hand-out flyers and posting flyers.
110kg Approximately .10mm Excellent to use for folded brochures and for postcard sized flyers.
135kg Approximately .12mm Thick paper best for company profiles, flyers and posters.
180kg Approximately .20mm About the same thickness as an average postcard, it's most commonly used for direct mail.
220kg Approximately .25mm Our thickest paper yet! This is the most popular paper used for postcard printing.

"kg" refers to the weight of 1000 sheets of stacked paper, based on paper size 788mmX1091mm. This is called "ream weight". We use this as a guide to understand the thickness of paper, however paper thickness can vary even within the same brand and same ream weight depending on the paper production process.

Paper Sizes (in millimeters)

841 x 1189
594 x 841
420 x 594
297 x 420
210 x 297
148 x 210
100 x 148
74 x 100
728 x 1030
515 x 728
364 x 515
257 x 364
182 x 257
128 x 182
91 x 128

Special Paper Sizes

We are able to cut paper to suit any sized design. If you have a special size, please choose the paper size that is LARGER than the size you'd like to print. For example, if your design is 74x210mm, you would need to choose A5 (148x210mm) in order to accommodate that design. Please indicate the exact size you need in the notes box when placing your order.

Normal Size Variation
Double business card size 55x182mm 110x91mm
A7 100x74mm 105x74mm
Triple A5 210x441mm 210x444mm
Triple A4 297x627mm 297x630mm
CD 120x120mm 121x121mm
Double CD 120x240mm 121x242mm
Triple CD 120x357mm 121x363mm
CD x4 240x240mm 242x242mm

The minimum paper size accepted for printing is 50x50mm.

APaper finishes

■ Coated

Glossy Paper
Gloss finish makes the paper shiny and reflective, making it great for printing pictures and illustrations. It's widely used for flyers, posters and brochures.

■ Matte Coated

A finish less shiny than coated and showing colors more vividly than matte, a nice choice for printing brochures. Since it is a bit more refined than coated, it's a very popular choice for our beauty salon customers.

■ Matte

Uncoated and not shiny paper making it very natural looking. Because of it's strength and opacity, this paper is ideal for envelopes, postcards, brochures and flyers.


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