B0 Large Inkjet Posters

Great for those who only need a few posters. With on-demand poster printing you are able to order just one at a time, and you can also pick the paper quality to fit your needs.
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Paper type: B0 Large Inkjet    Colors: 4c / 0c    Options: _

Submission Deadline:11:00 AM    Shipping Date:2営業日 20:00 - 22:00位    Except

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Qty\SizeB0 Glossy (1030x1456mm)B0 Semi Glossy (1030x1456mm)B0 Matte (1030x1456mm)B0 Sticker (1030x1456mm)
1 ¥6,180 ¥6,180 ¥6,180 ¥18,030
2 ¥12,260 ¥12,260 ¥12,260 ¥36,050
3 ¥18,340 ¥18,340 ¥18,340 ¥54,080
4 ¥24,420 ¥24,420 ¥24,420 ¥72,100
5 ¥30,490 ¥30,490 ¥30,490 ¥90,130
6 ¥36,570 ¥36,570 ¥36,570 ¥108,150
7 ¥42,650 ¥42,650 ¥42,650 ¥126,180
8 ¥48,720 ¥48,720 ¥48,720 ¥144,200