Data Tutorials

Notes on Data Creation (PLEASE READ!)

We are pleased to offer very affordable printing prices to those customers who submit their own data. There are circumstances in which there is insufficient data and corrections need to be made before printing can begin. We do not take any responsibility for delays in printing due to insufficient data.

Please check that your data is in perfect printing condition prior to submission. (Also, please remember that our quality check is only to make sure the data is printable and we are not responsible for content mistakes that are found after printing).

Here are some guidelines to make sure your data is ready for submission.

(1) Recommended Software

We recommend that you use Illustrator ~10.0 or CS~CS5. Photoshop ~7 or CS~CS5.
We do not accept data created in QuarkXPress, Word, Excel or any other Office software.

(2) Size Settings

Please create your data with the exact measurements you would like it printed.
We cannot resize the data.

(3) Document Resolution

Make sure your Illustrator document resolution settings are set to high. Flyerinsatsu_高解像度設定

(4) Document Color Settings and Features

Make sure to set CMYK. Flyerinsatsu_カラー調整画像

(5) Art Board Settings

The art board should be set to a larger size than the design.
Please adjust the size accordingly if the design size changes after you've begun work.

(6) File Name

We are only able to print the following file types:
●Illustrator Data (.ai)
●Photoshop Data (.eps)
●PDF Data (.pdf)

Please name files in English only, and using descriptive words instead of a number. (Please do not name files Instead use If you submit sample data along with your data to be printed, please be sure to distinguish which is to print and which is the sample.

(7) Crop/Trim Marks

We require that you use crop marks or trim marks when creating your data. There must be a 3mm bleed.
Please keep all text within 3mm of the design to ensure no text is lost in the cutting process.

(8) Bleed (Not included in data check)

Please make sure to allow for a 3mm bleed on all sides.

(9) Text Outlines

In order to prevent lost or missing characters during printing, please make sure to outline all text.

(10) Deleting Guide Lines (Not included in data check)

Please make sure all guidelines have been deleted or hidden. If you use a solid line as a guide in your design, please make sure to delete it prior to submitting your data.

(11) Perforation Lines, Folding Lines, Punch Holes

Please indicate folds, perforations, punch holes, and any other special processing with guidelines. (please do not use solid lines as they will also be printed) It's also helpful if a sample of your design can be included at the time you submit your order.

(12) Resolution (Not included in data check)

Please set resolution at 350dpi. Setting the resolution low results in unclear images.

(13) Safety Zone

Please make sure to leave at least 3mm of space between any text or important images and the edge of your design. It's rare, but possible, that there could be a 1mm-2mm deviation during the cutting process.

(14) Hidden Layers (Not included in data check)

We ask that you remove all unnecessary layers, instead of creating hidden layers, from your design prior to submitting your order.

(15) Unlock Objects and Layers

Please do not lock data (object or layer) as this causes problems during the data check.

(16) Specify Top and Bottom

Please make a note of which side is the top and which is the bottom of your design.


(17) Delete Empty Text Area

Please delete any unused type objects. This makes the file size smaller and is easier to print. Empty text areas are easily created by mistakenly clicking on the type tool in the artwork area and then choosing another tool.
To clean this up
1. Choose Object - Path - Clean Up
2. Select Empty Text Paths and click OK

(18) Embedded Images

Please make sure to embed all images you import.

(19) Special Instructions for Photoshop

When setting up a document in photoshop, please make sure of the following:
●Color mode is set to CMYK
●Resolution is set at 350dpi
●Allow for 3mm bleed
●Allow for 3mm "safety zone"

(20) Overprint Settings (Not included in data check)

In order to reduce printing errors, please do not check the "overprint" box.

(21)  K100% (Rich Black and Sumibeta) (Not included in data check)

Rich black is K100%. When printing at K100% there can be a transparency, however. If you want to have a non transparent black, please set the color to C40% M40% Y40% K100%.

(22) Photoshop and Illustrator Color Differencess (Not included in data check)

The colors that are used in Photoshop do not always transfer to the same colors in Illustrator.
For example, the same black you used for a background in Photoshop could become a different shade of black in Illustrator.

(23) Line Width (Not included in data check)

Line width less than 0.1pt will not print.

(24) Frames (Not included in data check)

When creating data with frames, please make sure your frame extends inside of the cut line at least 3mm.
There is sometimes a 1mm-2mm shift at the time of cutting.
If your frame is too narrow it may come out looking uneven.

チラシ印刷のフライヤー印刷:文字とデザインについて画像 チラシ印刷のフライヤー印刷:文字とデザインについて画像

(25) Undried Ink

Due to large quantities of printing, fast delivery, and weather conditions, there are sometimes cases where ink does not have time to properly dry, especially with the following paper and finish types:
●220kg Matte coated
●90kg/110kg/135kg Matte
●180kg Matte
●220kg Mirror coated gold


(26) Creating Effects in Illustrator (Not included in data check)













(27) Attach a jpg sample image

When possible, please attach a sample of what your printed data should look like as a jpeg file. Please give this file an easy to understand name, such as sample.jpg or confirmation.jpg.
In some cases if there is no sample file attached, and we cannot have a clear understanding of what your printed data should look like, we will cancel the printing and contact you. This could result in a delay with shipping.

(28) Creating a PDF file

Although we can accept files for printing in PDF format, we basically only accept PDF files that are created using Illustrator. We regret that we cannot assist customers in creating PDF files that are not from Illustrator. PDF data that has been created using MS Office software is not able to be printed.

(29) Special Colors (Not included in data check)