Q.What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept COD, bank transfers and credit cards. When paying by bank transfer we will begin to process your order once the funds have been received.

Q.Do you issue receipts?

The Sagawa express invoice given at the time of delivery is considered a receipt for payment.

For customers who require a more detailed receipt, please send the Sagawa Express receipt,
Bank or Internet Bank transfer information along with your order number within one week of receiving your order in a postage paid return envelop to:
BG Plus Media
Accounting Department 7-9-2, Roppongi Okano Bldg.#302 Minato-ku, Tokyo 160-0032

Please click here for more information on payment. >>>


Q. Are all prices posted including tax?

A. Yes. Our prices include consumption tax.

Q. Are postage fees included?

A. Postage is not included in the price. Postage fees change depending upon the product ordered and will be displayed on the confirmation screen when placing your order.


Q. How can I create an account?

A. 1) Click "Sign Up" on the top right-hand side of the page.
  2) Enter your Email address and choose a password..
  3) Click Register

Q. Can I place an order as a Guest?

A. We require that all customers who place an order through our website create an account.

Q. I attempted to log in but I wasn't directed to my account.

A. Please check that your email address and password are entered correctly and retry. If problems logging in continue, please contact our customer care center.

For more information on User Registration please click here. >>>


Q. Is it possible to cancel my order? Is there a cancellation fee?

A. We do not accept cancellations after the order has been sent to print. If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us by telephone only.
Special Note – We are not able to cancel orders that have been placed and approved for printing on Saturdays.

Can I change my order?

A. Please contact us if you wish to change your order. If the order has not been sent to print it may be possible to change. If the order has already been sent to print we regret that we cannot make any changes.

Please click here for more information on cancellations and changes. >>>


Q. Can I change my shipping address?

A. If your order has already shipped we cannot change the shipping address. If you are unable to receive your package, it will be returned to us, and we can have it resent to a different address. Please be aware this will incur additional shipping and handling fees and a significant delay in receiving your order. If your order hasn't shipped we may be able to cancel your order and reorder with a new address. This could also cause delays in delivery.

Q. Do you offer in store pick-up?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer the option for in-store pick up, however it is possible to schedule a pick up at the nearest Sagawa Express office.

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Technical Recommendations

Q. I'm unable to use your site! What am I doing wrong?

A. Please check to make sure you are using the latest version of your internet browser. If not, please upgrade to the newest version and restart your computer. We also recommend that you use the newest OS. Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding use of our site. (we apologize that we cannot answer technical questions other than those relating to the use of our site)

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Data Submission

Q. How to order?

1) Choose the desired product from the list on the left.

2) After selecting a product another set of options will appear.

3) Click on the price which corresponds to the quantity and product desired.

4) Choose any special processing such as folds, perforations, numbering, etc.

5) Confirmation page

6) Login Screen
(for first time customers please click next and proceed to enter your information)

7) Customer information screen
You may register a new shipping address on this screen.

8) Shipping address, delivery method and payment method selection screen
Please note that for bank transfers we will begin processing the order once funds have been received.

9) Final confirmation and data upload screen
Please click the browse button to choose a file to upload.

10) Select and attach the data you wish to print.
Only one file can be uploaded at a time. If you have more than one file, such as front and back, please compress into one file for submission.

11) Click "order"
Make sure to click on the box to accept the terms of use.

12) Thank you Screen
Order has been placed and an automatic reply mail will be sent to the registered email address.

Please click here for more information about data submission. >>>

Before Submission

Q. What technical things should I check before submitting my data?

A. We have a very advanced system of checking data prior to printing, however we ask that you also check to make sure your data is in printable quality before placing your order so as not to delay delivery.

  • Did you set high resolution in Illustrator?
  • Is the Art Board set to a larger size than the size of the document to print?
  • Is your design sized to the size you want to print?
  • Did you add a 3mm bleed?
  • If the back is to be printed in B&W have you taken away all colored areas?
  • Are all layers and objects unlocked?
  • Did you clean up all unnecessary fonts and points?
  • Is color mode set to CMYK?
  • There's no overprint?
  • Are all images linked?
  • Are CS, CS2, CS4 images white?
  • Have you set a minimum of 300dpi resolution for Photoshop images?
  • Are trim/crop marks correct?
  • Have you included a jpeg image as a sample along with your data?
  • Have you named all of your files alpha-numerically?
  • Are all files named with an accepted extension (.ai, .epd, .psd and .jpg for sample data)?
  • If you would like any special processing such as folding, have you indicated the fold lines with guides?

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Turnaround Schedule